This course will provide you with complete knowledge of web development. You will get to learn how to build a professional website and work with different coding languages. This course is a perfectly packaged solution to any problems related to website development. You will start as a beginner and by the end of this course, you will be an expert in website development and will be able to take website development to the next level.

Why Do This Course?

  • • Build your own dynamic website.
  • • Become a confident developer.
  • • Start your start-up easily.
  • • You can start freelancing services.
  • • Grow your business.
  • • Be a part of the digital world.
  • • Sell your products online.
  • • Make your business accessible.

Course Outline

    • Introduction About Course
    • How to Get All the Free Stuff
    • Getting Started on a Windows
    • Getting Started on a Mac

    • Introduction To PHP Section
    • Introduction To PHP
    • Variables & Arrays
    • If Statements
    • For And For Each Loops
    • While Loops
    • GET & POST Variables
    • Sending An Email With PHP
    • Mini Project - A Contact Form
    • Getting Contents Of Other Scripts
    • PHP Project

    • Introduction To MySQL 5 Section
    • Introduction To MySQL
    • Connecting To A Database
    • Retrieving Data From A Database
    • Inserting And Updating Data
    • Looping Through Data
    • Session Variables
    • Cookies
    • Storing Passwords Securely
    • Project

    • Introduction To Ajax
    • Technologies Used In Ajax
    • Examples
    • Browser Support
    • Ajax In Actionsteps Of Ajax Operation A Client Event Occurs
    • Xmlhttprequest
    • Database Operations
    • Security
    • Current issues
    • Project


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