This Graphic Design Course focuses to first develop conceptual skills about computer graphics along with a mixture of theory and project-based modules to increase creativity and impart technical skills as a graphic designer. Theory will involve background and history of design while practical assignments will give a hands-on experience.

Why Do This Course?

  • • Gain the fundamental skills needed to be a graphic designer
  • • Communicate through image-making and typography
  • • Complete a capstone project to add to your professional portfolio
  • • Learn everything you need to know to work in interface design, motion graphics, and editorial design

Course Outline

    • Role of Photoshop
    • Role of Illustrator
    • Role of After Effects

    • Layers
    • Colors & Adjustment Layers
    • Shapes
    • Text
    • Layer Styles
    • Cropping
    • Selections & Masking
    • Filters
    • Smart Objects
    • Transfoms & Distort
    • Retouching
    • Blending Modes
    • Visual Styles
    • Artboard
    • Color Modes & Resolution
    • Shadows

    • Basics
    • Working with Objects
    • Appearance of Objects
    • Drawing
    • Brushes
    • Images
    • Type
    • Advance Techniques
    • Export & Integration

    • Setting up your Software & Project for Data Visualization in After Effects
    • Add Audio & Music to a Infographic in After Effects
    • Add a Solid Background or Image to your Infographic
    • Adding Text & Adobe TypeKit in After Effects
    • Animating an Infographic Icon in Adobe After Effects
    • Creating a Circle Pop or Circle Burst in After Effects
    • Techniques for Beautiful Animation
    • How to Create & Animate a Camera in After Effects
    • Preview & Playback
    • Icon Build
    • Colors and Background
    • Data Visualization
    • Real Life Video Infographics


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