We live in a digital world and it is very important to have an identity on the digital platform and digital marketing plays a remarkable role in this. Become smart managers and learn all the techniques and tricks. Learn about different types of digital marketing, learn how to analyse keywords, learn about search engine optimisation and social media marketing and understand the working and mindset of the digital world. We will provide you with expert training so that you become a professional in this field.

Why Do This Course?

  • • Enhance your digital marketing skills.
  • • Give your business a digital identity.
  • • Enhance your social media marketing skills.
  • • Promote your website.
  • • Design unique content and posts.
  • • Connect with users and customers from all over the world.
  • • Work in a dynamic environment.
  • • Make your marketing cost-effective.

Course Outline

    • What Is SEO?
    • How Search Engines Work
    • Types of SEO
    • Keyword Research & Competitive Intelligence
    • On-Page & Off-Page Optimization
    • Local SEO
    • Integrating SEO with Other Diciplines
    • SEO Tools

    • Introduction To Content Marketing
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Content Marketing and SEO
    • Social Media and Content Publishing Platforms
    • Measurement and Budget
    • Content Best Practices

    • Introduction to Analytics
    • Navigating the Interface
    • Advanced Table Filtering
    • Creating Segments
    • Campaign Tracking
    • Analyzing Marketing Effectiveness

    • Introduction To Pay Per Click
    • Psycology of Search
    • Search Ads and Keyword Targeting
    • The Buying Funnel
    • Setting and Measuring Marketing Goals
    • How PPC Fits into Digital Strategies ?

    • Introduction to Social Media
    • Social Media Strategy and Planning
    • Social Media Channel Management
    • Social Media Management Tools
    • Social Media Measurement and Reporting

    • Introduction To Email Marketing
    • Elements of Email
    • Build and Maintain Your List
    • Avoid Spam Penalties
    • Email Deliverability
    • Campaign Measurement


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